Mermaid Update

After nearly falling asleep on the couch after work today, I roused myself up and headed down to the studio area.  I decided to work on the Christmas project first and actually did more on that than I intended.  Once I get going, I just want to keep going at it.  Very hard to make myself put it down and walk away. But I finally did.

Progress of mermaid painting

I’ve been feeling all day like I wanted to tackle the mermaid painting again.  Taking advantage of that mood, I moved on to the mermaid.  I mixed up the grays for the rock and dug in.  I did have a sketch that I was working off of, but I also just played around with it a bit.  It’s been months since I painted with oils, so I’m trying to get used to working with them again and I’m letting myself experiment.  However, I’m really happy with how the mermaid is coming along, so I don’t want to mess things by playing around too much.  LOL!  I had a bad moment where I messed up the tail a bit, but I think that I rescued it fairly well. 

I still have more work to do on the rock, then I also have to add in highlights and the foamy water around the rocks.  And I have to fix a few areas of the water. I’m shooting for finishing it by next week. I want to take it to my class to have Linda take a look at it and see if she has any feedback before I declare it complete.
All right, time to get away from any and all things digital so I can settle down before hitting the sack.  Happy dreams everyone!  :)


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