Another owl...

So, I'm taking a bit longer break than I thought from the bird woman painting.  I'm working out in my mind how I want to proceed.  But in the meantime, I worked out a sketch the other day that I decided I would try to paint with oils.  But I can't buy the canvas for it until this weekend, at the earliest. 

However, while I was digging through the canvases and wood panels I already have and happened upon an 8x10 wood panel that I had covered in a coat of blue months ago.  It occurred to me that I could do an acrylic version of this sketch, a more realistic owl, and then move on to the oil version.

So tonight, I sat down and got started on it:

At the top of the picture is the sketch I made and below is the first layer of paint for the tree branches.  I also wrapped the branches around onto the sides.  Here's what it looks like on one side:

There is at least a branch or two that wraps around the entire wood panel - top, bottom, and sides.  I love how it looks when hanging up.  :)  This owl, as I mentioned above, will be a more realistic owl than the usual owls I paint.  I'm looking forward to doing the even bigger version in oils.  Fun!  However, next comes finishing the tree and shading it.  Woof.  That'll be a challenge, but I'm excited and psyched to do it!

New Oil Painting Listed!

Just taking a quick second to post about my latest listing on  My new painting, Tranquility, is available for purchase now, but it will not be available to ship until March 22nd at the earliest.  This is so that the painting has time to dry and also because I will be out of town from March 5th through the 21st.  Where will I be?  Someplace that looks much like the new painting! 

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