Mermaid in progress.

Yesterday was my birthday. In celebration of this day, my best friend came over and we had an art day. It’s been awhile since we’ve had one, so it was great to get together and just create while chatting. She worked on a watercolor pencil piece that she plans on hanging in her newly painted and decorated bathroom at home and I worked on two different pieces.

The first one I did was my mermaid painting. A week or two ago, I dragged out my oil paints and started playing around with them again. It’d been way too long since I’d last used them and with a pet portrait in oils class coming up at the end of the month, I knew I needed to start using them again. Give myself a chance to adjust to them after working solely with acrylics for months. I ended up creating a background that seemed to be perfect for one of the mermaid paintings I’ve been pondering in my mind.

So last Sunday, while chatting with the family over brunch, I whipped out my sketch pad and started fiddling a bit. By the end of brunch, VOILA! I had a sketch done. Happy with the results, I determined that this would be the one I’d use for it. So today, when we got started, I transferred the sketch to the canvas and painted away. Here’s the results so far:

Mermaid Painting work in progress

The white you see underneath her is the sketch of the rock that she is sitting on. I will be painting that in next. The other piece I worked on was a new painting. I basically sketched the drawing on the canvas – it’s a surfer girl with a large sun and a huge wave behind her – and now I’m filling in the basic blocks of color in the painting. She’s not ready for a work in progress picture yet, but soon, I hope!

Overall, I am quite happy with the progress I made yesterday and can hardly wait to start back on both pieces. I’ll be sure to post an update when I do get a chance to finish more!

Btw, I have a new site up and running!  It's at and it also includes a blog (WordPress) plus I've added additional pages, such as a gallery, links where I can be found, and a list of my shops online, though I hope to add local shops in the future.  It's one of my goals.  :)  I will most likely just copy and paste the blog entries from there to here.  I'm just happy to have one central place to put all my information! 


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