Day Four of Pet Portrait Class

Cat Painting Update

As I was typing this entry, talking about how tired I am and how this entry would be short and sweet, my &%#$ laptop decided to shut down and install some updates.  So now I start again.

So today in class we went over painting fur and cat eyes.  Very helpful.  I’ll be using that tomorrow night!  Tonight I finished filling in the background.  One of these days I will learn to actually fill in the background as I go along, instead of trying to painting around say, a cat and bird.  I know better, but still I don’t do it.  I’m learning, slowly but surely!

Now I get to start adding in the fur and all the other details.  Fun!  One last class to get some hands on help from Linda, though I guarantee you I’ll be emailing her a picture to get her input.  :)

Tonight I’m keeping this entry short.  I’m giving myself a break tonight and will spend oh, 45 minutes or so playing with the new computer game to relax (got Sims 3 Ambitions!) and then it’s time to get ready for bed.  Will write a bit more tomorrow night!


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