Wish I Were There...

So, I ended up working on a different painting than the woman and bird.  I did get the sketch from the last entry transferred onto the canvas.  I had grand plans to finish the underpainting tonight, but I came home from work and was so tired, I promptly passed out on the couch for over 2 hours and slept hard.  It was one of those days.  :(  I'm just hoping I can fall asleep tonight at a decent hour!  Anyway, maybe I'll get to work on the woman and the bird tomorrow.

Earlier this week, I felt inspired to work on another painting - a 7x5 of a Hawaiian beach.  It was inspired by a photo my sister took, though you'd never be able to tell by comparing the two!  I just wanted to do a very simplified, colorful beach scene.  This is the latest version:

Please forgive the tacky paper towel background.  This puppy is very wet - I got paint all over my hand just taking this picture!

I think this is the finished version (minus an artist's signature on the bottom right, but it needs to dry a bit first) but then, I've thought the same thing two other times.  :)  This one's a little unusual for me, as it has some texture to it.  Normally I don't have much texture - or any at all - in my paintings.  I tend to paint very smoothly, with no visible brushstrokes.  But that just didn't seem to be working for this one.  It was crying out for something different.  Combining that with my desire to experiment and push myself to try new things, I decided to play with it a bit.  Do something I normally wouldn't do.  Hence the criss cross ocean, the dappled sand and the daubed on waves hitting the sand.

I love the colors and just the simpleness of it.  I want to be on that beach, listening to the waves crash and swimming in the gorgeous tuquoise water.  The cool thing is, I will be there in less than two months!  I can hardly wait.  I find being by the ocean to be the most relaxing, peaceful place for me and I just thrive on it.  I'm planning on taking lots of pictures while I'm in Kona and hopefully some of them will eventually become paintings! 

This poor thing is going to need quite a bit of time to dry, but eventually it will be put on http://juliebehm.boundlessgallery.com for sale. 

Btw, I'm thrilled to reveal that I will be featured on Huckleberry Bumpkin's blog this week!  I believe it will be on Thursday, but I will be sure to post a link to it when she posts it.  She's doing a whole series of interviews with various artists and artisans and I highly recommend you read them.  She's found some very talented folk that deserve to be seen.  I'm just honored and thrilled beyond belief that she wanted me to join that group.  You can find her blog at http://huckleberrybumpkin.blogspot.com.  

Off to go try and get some sleep.  I promise to post update pictures of the woman and bird painting (really need a zinger of a title for that painting...  bird and woman painting just isn't cutting it!) when I get some more done on it!


mv said...

TWEET! (that's what the bird and woman painting makes me think of :)
Lovely beach scene! I can imagine the texture and that must be amazing to look at from all angles! Thank you for sharing!

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