Progress has been made!

I worked on the bird/woman painting tonight!  I got honest with myself and admitted that I was finding other things to do instead of starting on it.  It's been awhile since I've done a portrait and I was getting a wee bit nervous.  But then I was reading the interview I did on Huckleberry Bumpkin's blog and my quote got me:

“When my doubts about my art surface, I can let them paralyze me or I can push past it and continue to create.“

LOL!   Convicted by my own words!  I hate that!  I decided it was time to push past those doubts and fears.  :)  One thing I've found helps me when I get like this is to pick one thing, one tiny, simple thing and do it.  For instance, tonight I decided to mix up the paint for the skin tones.  I have a little recipe from a previous art class that I like and it's all mapped out for me.  I thought that was non-threatening enough yet it was a step forward. 


 By the time I finished that, I was feeling good enough that I decided to go ahead and sketch in the painting with the thinned out sap green paint.  

Now all I have to do is wait for her to dry, then I can move ahead and begin the painting!  I'm hoping that will be tomorrow.  The paints are in the freezer, waiting to be applied to the canvas when it's ready.  :)

I'm glad I nipped this in the bud before it got any further.  Not so say there won't be any other moments like this, I know better!  I haven't mentioned this yet on this blog, but the place I work at was picked as one of four organizations to receive donations from a ball and silent auction this fall.  I was asked if I'd be willing to donate a painting for the auction and I readily agreed, as I'd been thinking of volunteering one.  So I'm very aware that I can't afford to let myself procrastinate.  

I've got several ideas of paintings I want to do and I'm not sure which one will work best for the auction.  So I want to finish a few of them.  Any others will be listed on  That's something I had planned on doing anyway.  The last thing I want is to be two weeks away from the auction and rushing to try and finish a painting in time!

Okay, that's it for today.  Got to go get some sleep so I can stay alert and awake at work - things are crazy there right now and will be for some time - and so I can continue work on the painting tomorrow night.  Yeah!


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