Painting Updates

So I've been a little busy tonight working on a few paintings.  (And trying to get my iPhone to sync Christmas music!)  So I thought I'd do a little update.  First of all, the cat on a woman's head painting - really need to come up with a catchy name for that one!

Next I have to work on the woman's face - first attempt did not end well.  Then I have to clean up the background and this darling painting will be ready to list!

Next two paintings... the ones that are for my best friend for Christmas.  Again, should she happen to actually check this - and I'm guessing she won't because I haven't told her that I'm updating it again - DON'T READ THIS!  And the sick thing is, she won't.  She hates ruining surprises.  Doesn't want to peek at presents.  Me?  I was an expert at scouting out hiding places and slicing the wrapping open to sneak a peek.  :)

Here is is:

It isn't complete yet.  There's some changes I need to make, but could I find either of my burnt umber paints?  Of course not!  Couldn't go any farther without it, so I had to stop for the night. 

Okay, I need to post one more picture.  This one is a new listing in my store and the very first oil painting!  It started as an exercise in a painting class and this little red pepper was quite the hit.  The original background was just... not good.  So I messed around and had a little fun.  This fun little painting can be found in my shop at Hope you enjoy! 

Now I'd better sign off.  It's 10:30 pm and I just remembered that we're having a potluck at work tomorrow.  I really need to go make something to bring to it.  Keep your fingers crossed I win the big raffle prize - two tickets anywhere in the US!  Okay, so I'm not holding my breath, but wouldn't it be nice?  :)


mv said...

Beautiful! And that cat on the head is just pure genius! He has such a cat yet human face! I'm sure there are quite a few people who will look and see some resemblance to an uncle (LOL, yeah, he really looks like one of my uncles LOL).

Why not ask on the ArtFire forum to see what people come up with for catchy phrases? You could offer a review of their studio on your blog as a prize, although I'm sure you'd have a good response without a prize too.

Oh, and before I rave too much about the cat... I love what you've done with the golds/ochres in your friend's painting. They make it POP!

Julie Behm said...

Thank you! Actually, I think I may consider taking the painting name question to the forums when I'm done. That could be kind of fun. :)

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