More experiments with paint!

So, I had thought I would work a little more on the cat on the woman's head painting.  And I will this weekend.  I"ll be house-sitting which will leave me with lots of free time.  I'm hoping to finish it and list it in my shop by Monday.  *fingers crossed*  But I didn't work on it tonight.

I went to Target with my mother.  And at Target I ended up getting six little mini spray bottles.  They are much larger than the previous ones I had been using, which were only 1 ounce.  I use these bottles to spray backgrounds for some of my paintings.  For instance, the background on the (now completed) paintings for my best friend were done by painting the background burnt orange and then spraying various shades of that orange and gold on it.  Here's a few pictures of the completed paintings:


So there's an example of the backgrounds.  They are a blast to do.  I spread a sheet on the ground - this gets messy - and then lay the canvas down.  Then I just start spraying away.  The hard part is forcing myself to stop and let it dry after a bit.  If you don't, it can start to run and get muddy.  Then to top it off, I love to spray a little watered down gold or silver paint on top.  Gives it a beautiful shimmer.  For the ones above, I used gold.

So when I got home from Target, all I could think about was the spray bottles.  I couldn't resist them.  :)  I grabbed two extra canvases that I had laying around and got to work.  On one canvas, I drizzled blue and white paint, then brushed it out until it covered the canvas with gorgeous streaks of blue in various shades.  I left the other canvas blank.  Then I mixed up the spray bottles using three shades of blue paint, one green and then a beautiful sparkly silver paint.  Then I just started spraying away. 

I ended up quite pleased with the final results.  Here's a photo of the canvases.  I used my iPhone to take it, so the picture is not the best.

The canvas on the left is the one that got the intial coat of paint.  It's very splattered, quite similar in style to the one I did for my best friend.  The one on the right is the one that I didn't cover in paint.  It's a smoother kind of background, colors flowing nicely without streaks and splatters.  Both have a delicate silver shimmer to them that I just love.  Blue and silver is a favorite combination of mine.  I love both effects and am now working on the designs to put on each.  I'm excited to see how they will turn out!

To be honest, I've got a number of paintings planned out that I want to do.  So many plans and inspiriations and so little time to work on them.  :)  But for now I must sign off.  I have to go to bed - must get up for the day job far too early for my taste - plus the computer battery is almost dead.  :)  Night!


mv said...

LOL What a coincidence!!! I was playing with blue and silver last week too! Those backgrounds look so lovely! I can't wait to see the final result! Has your friend seen the paintings yet?

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