2010 Christmas Cards

At my day job, we have a monthly staff meeting.  We all gather in the gym for a free lunch and a 1 - 2 hour meeting, sometimes some training afterward.  For the December meeting, we have a potluck, trivia contest, raffle drawing and generally a good time.  They dressed up the gym in holiday style, including putting red and green paper on the tables and laying markers and crayons down so that we can draw and doodle during the festivities.

Let's just say I went to town with the drawing!  Plus I requested we do that every month.  Hey, some of us listen better when we doodle.  *g*  But one of my doodlings has now become a design for a Christmas card.  Unfortunately, there's no way I can have the cards ready for this year.  So I now have two designs slated for cards for next year.  The first design is still being reworked.  But I thought I'd post a little sketch of the second one, just for kicks:

I'm still working on him a bit, so there may be more changes coming.  But I'm REALLY looking forward to painting him.  I think this little guy may end up being my own personal Christmas cards, too!


mv said...

OMG! He's so cute!!!! LOL I love funny cards, you should at least put it in your shop so I can hotlist it for next year :) He can definitely be made for Valentines too! Something like "Can't sleep. Ate too much chocolate." or "Can't sleep. Thinking of my Valentine." Just change the stocking to hearts :)

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