Just wanted to post the latest update of the oil painting. She's now got (incomplete) eyes and I've layed down the first layer of hair. I've still got to finish her hair, the paintbrushes in her hair, her eyes and the background.

I usually have a hard time adding the darker values. They scare me. *g* When I painted in her hair tonight, I realized that some of the shadows on her face weren't nearly dark enough. And here I thought I had gotten some good dark values in! So I darkened some of them even more. I must learn to lay in the darker values first! It really does help. :-)


Leah said...

oh, she's looking gorgeous so far!!

simply blue said...

Love your blog! Need time to really enjoy...I've been art blog surfing too long today!

Genie Sea said...

oh! very lovely! I am enjoying seeing the progress and added touches. :)

Quirky Dame said...

Thanks to all of you! :-)

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