2009 Word of the Year

Every year, I chose one word as a theme for that year. I started doing this in 2007 and chose the word Listen, then picked Artist for 2008. Those words came to me quite fast and I knew right off the bat that those were the right words for me. And at the end of the year, when I looked back, it was amazing how the words shaped those years.

This year was a bit more tough and it took me longer to figure out the word. I finally sat down and just did some stream of consciousness type writing, trying to figure out what I wanted for this year, what I felt drawn to. And finally it came to me:


I like this word. I have a nasty little habit of trying to look too far into the future, trying to figure out what it is I want, what I hope for my future, but then not believing it will/can happen or that I can do it. That then leads to me losing faith and faltering in the present. This word will help me remember to just be in the present, to concentrate on just being who I am. Learn who I am, continue to follow the path that I'm on, and doing that will get me to where I need to be in the future.

Every year I get a bracelet that has my word on it and the year inside it. Then I wear that bracelet all year long, rarely taking it off and never for longer than 24 hours, if that. It's a good visual reminder for me. I ordered my bracelet earlier this week and I am hoping that it will be waiting for me when I get home next week!


Drachenfrau said...

Wow, what a great idea (bracelet)! Love that. :-)

Quirky Dame said...

Thanks! I actually read that idea the first year I did it and I'm so glad I tried it. The visual reminder is invaluable. I get mine from wordworksjewelry.com and love it.

ccap said...

Oooh, good word!

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