Just a little update...

Happy 4th everyone! I spent Friday night and most of Saturday at my parent’s cabin with my family.  They’re still staying out there until Monday, but I can only take so much of the woods (I’m more of a beach/ocean person) and I needed a little alone time, too, so I came back after one night.  Plus a three day weekend?  I needed one of those to work on some paintings!  :)

Filling in the fur

Here’s the latest update on the cat painting.  I’ve filled in the fur on the body – though I have to make a few corrections – and have done a little over half of her face.  So much fur.  LOL!  I finally had to step away to give myself a break and let some of the paint dry.  I’ll be working on it some more tomorrow.  I’m hoping to finish up the fur.  Then I get to tackle the bird and feeder.  I’m not happy with how they look.

In the meantime, I’ve dragged out my unfinished acrylic owl painting to work on for the rest of the night.  It’ll be a fun one to work on and a nice break from trying to do a realistic animal.  :)


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