Quirky Dame Designs on the Virtual Craft Show!

Starting today, my shop - Quirky Dame Designs - has joined the Virtual Craft Show at Cafe Handmade!  I am proud to be in the company of other wonderful artists and their gorgeous creations.  Seriously, I'm seeing some unique, beautiful things featured.  You can check it out at:


Take a peek at the shops.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll find a present or two for the people on your list.  Or a treat for yourself!  And if you see something that really catches your fancy, leave a comment or vote for your favorite shop.  I guarantee you, it'll make that person's day!

Want to see the latest progress on the painting of the cat perched on the woman's head?  Here's a little glimpse of the cat:

My next step is to paint his face.  So looking forward to seeing what he looks like when he's done!


mv said...

LOL He actually looks quite interesting without a face too! And a little scary :D I love your art, can't wait to see where you are going with this paint!

Julie Behm said...

Thanks mv! I should be posting an update on this painting by this weekend! :)

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