Winds of Change

Winds of Change
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On a whim - and a desperate need to paint - I started working on this acrylic painting today. I did this drawing a while back while I was contemplating some of the changes that were beginning to happen in my life. While many of those changes were positive ones, I was still nervous about them and how my life would be different because of them. When I drew this, I imagined myself daring to sneak a glance at my future and feeling the winds of change urging me towards it, despite my hesitations.

I'm a bit nervous about her face. Acrylics and I don't get along when painting people. But we're trying to come to a truce, so it'll be good. :-) I much prefer oils over acrylics, especially when painting people. But for the things I'm working on right now, oils aren't the best thing. However, once I get back from Hawaii, I will be starting a new oil painting and looking out for classes, too. Man, am I looking forward to it!


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