So... It occurs to me that I should probably introduce myself in the first post, just in case someone other than my best friend/sister reads this. :-)

My name is Julie, nickname Jewels. I'm 35 years old and live in Alaska. I work as an Administrative Support Assistant (basically receptionist with lots of extra duties.) Despite the fact I've been working jobs like this since I was 18, it's most definitely NOT what I want to do when I grow up! For me, that will always be art. And finally, I'm admitting it and making it a priority to incorporate art into my life on a regular, constant basis. And I'm contemplating and pondering just how I want to integrate the arts into my future career(s). But while I'm trying to figure all that out, I plan on just experimenting, digging in and going for it, trying all sorts of things and learning what it is I really love and what my style is and growing along the way!

In this blog, I just plan on talking about the projects I'm working on and posting pictures of them, etc. A modpodge of whatever I feel like posting about. I figure it'll make a convenient place to send my friends and family who want to see my artwork and someplace where I can blather on incessantly about one of my favorite subjects.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!



Carla Dallas said...

Hey Julie, I like your blog, I'll try to check back in with you. I have one too, but not art, just life! Let's stay in touch!

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